Acclaimed for innovation, AFI works side-by-side with farmers & delivers real benefits: better returns, healthier livestock and greater efficiency. Our highly experienced nutrition advisors know their customers and businesses inside-out and use that knowledge to help them grow their businesses. We don't just sell feed, but work with farmers to give smart advice on different aspects of farm operations. We invest in efforts, ideas and systems improvement to identify customer need, meet them in an effective manner and strive for continuous improvement in our own quality standards.

    We provide a complete diet for the animals by providing :
  • Balanced mixture of natural ingredients, proteins and Bypass fat
  • Maintaining quantity & quality
  • Guaranteeing high digestive power
  • Keeping right BCS to avoid diseases
  • Root out the problems

Based on targeted planning and analysis and the application of our international knowledge & exposure, we are able to provide the optimal nutritional solution for any individual farm. Whatever this solution may be, our Total Feed Portfolio leads to the best possible outcome for the farmer. The quality of feed produced in our modern plants and trust of 25+ years differentiate us from all our competitors.