Poultry is farmed in great numbers with chicken being the most popular choice. Under Poultry, we have 3 Ranges - Broiler, Layer & Breeder.

Broiler Feed Range has the following products range – AFI baby grow, Starter+, Starter Gold, Finisher+, Finisher Gold & Broiler concentrate XL. The objective of this feed is to provide feed to gain maximum weight from the animals. It takes special care of the input & number of days taken to gain weight.

Layer Farms has the following products – AFI Chick Crumble, Grower Crumble, Layer Crumble & Poultry Conc.

Breeders are Father & Mother and then Grand Parents in simple poultry terms. Their Feeding range is similar but they need to be pampered (living conditions) and protected for better breeding.

We follow a feeding schedule to help our poultry grow healthier. Our diet is customized according to the type of feed. The Baby Grow range is composed of 400grams of feed, Starter range with 1100grams & Finisher range is as per requirement.