Our Testing Labs are the most treasured asset we have. We are known for our Innovation practices. It does not only make us better in the market but ensures we stay the leaders in animal nutrition and feed industry. Our important brand differentiators are :

  1. Moisture Analyzer
  2. Protein Testing
  3. AFLA Toxin Testing (measuring traces of toxins that go from feed to meat/milk, only permissible limits are allowed) Making the Feed Quality equally Consumable for Humans /Govt. is trying to have Feed covered in FSSAI soon.
  4. Oil Testing
  5. Fiber Testing
  6. Calcium & Phosphorus
  7. Ash Content/Adulteration Check, etc

While testing in the lab we also take care of the following points:

Right Ingredients

AFI cattle feed is a mixture of varied seeds like mustard, wheat, bran, rice, barley, paddy, millets, soybean & good number of nutrients and metals like zinc, cobalt, copper, Iodine etc. in the right amount to nourish the animal as well. We make sure each ingredient is of the best quality for the health & nutrition of the livestock.

Right Mixture & Complete Range

AFI balances the mixture of quality and ingredients helps in increasing milk fat and bringing stability in the animals for a longer duration. We make efforts to give a right Mixture of protein and Bypass fat. AFI feed provides the best solution to the complete range (from calf to milk) of your dairy products in all the situations. If you feed animals with AFI feed, it is a complete diet in itself.

Expert Nutritionists

AFI feed is prepared with the valuable suggestions of expert Nutritionists taking hot and cold weather into consideration It keeps the animals disease free and the owner worry free. The quality is approved by FSSAI and is safe for human consumption as well. Our feed provides value, taste and quality to you & your livestock.