AFI is committed to innovative & sustainable solutions to provide nutritious feed to farmers for their cattle. In a growing world where population is expected to increase by nearly 30 percent in 30 years, we have to adapt. We bring to you the best cattle feed amidst this changing world. The Cattle feed range includes:

Milking feed

Milking feed includes the Milko range with 4 variants – Milko Racer, Milko Booster, Milko Magic & Milko Magic Plus. Our products help fulfil the nutritional needs of livestock in an accessible and innovative manner. They are 50 kg bags to supplement the nutrition required for cattle.

AFI Milko Racer
This feed is prepared according to the instructions and directions of the Government and BIS with all the ingredients in balanced amount.

AFI Milko Booster
It is for the cows who produce 20 liters of milk and buffaloes who produce 12 liters of milk. For these animals use of AFI Milko can give better results.

AFI Milko Magic
This feed is for the cows who produce more than 25 liters of milk and buffaloes who give more than 15 liters of milk. The use of AFI Milko Magic for these animals can prove a magic.

AFI Milko Magic+
This feed is for those cows who produce more than 30 liters of milk and buffaloes who give more than 18 liters of milk. Use of AFI Milko Magic+ for these animals can give better results.

Non-Milking feed

Non-Milking feed or Calf feed range includes Calf Starter, Calf Grower, and Heifer products. They are made keeping the diverse nutritional requirements of calf in mind. These products cater to calves at different ages. Calf starter is given to the calf at birth till the age of 3 months and is made with the help of best scientific and expert advice. Calf Grower ranges is consumed from 4 to 9 months of age to help the calf grow faster, healthier & happier. Heifer range is utilized post 9 months & before calving day to maintain good health and finally the close up dry rang ensures the happy & healthy results by preparing the cow before lactation.

Transition feed

Transition feed includes Closeup Dry and Fresh cow range. It is designed to cater to the process of calving in cattle two days prior and after the process. Close up dry is able to fulfil nutritional requirements during the period of pregnancy. A healthy cow gives birth to a healthy calf. More vitamin, minerals & iron is needed at this time. The growing calf also gets the nutrients consumed by the mother. At this time, Livestock can be going through diseases like kitosis, milk fever, fatty lever etc. Our feed makes them immune to such diseases. Fresh cow range, on the other hand is a well-balanced diet. During pregnancy, this time, livestock needs better nutrition. When dry matter intake is lesser, livestock stays in negative energy balance. It is the reason cattle is unable to produce desired amount of milk. The stored milk dries away from the body & it can take a toll on cattle’s body. AFI Fresh Cow completes the dietary requirement. AFI helps cattle achieve peak milk yield.