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Re-defining Livestock Nutrition

AFI Agro Pvt. Ltd. is a 25+ years old feed company trusted for its innovative nutrition solutions for conventional and organic livestock farming. Acclaimed For Innovations in animal feed, AFI contributes its very best to the farming sector as well. We will continue to serve the society, with our world class feed, in a sustainable manner. AFI delivers real benefits: better returns, healthier livestock and greater efficiency through its wide range of animal feed by working hand-in-hand with farmers. AFI Feed is a clear choice for the best quality feed because it provides

  • Easier Handling
  • Minimized wastage
  • Nutritional benefits
  • Better Returns
  • Easy Digestion
  • Faster Weight Gain
  • Improved FCR
  • Uniform Growth
  • Enhanced Immune Stimulation


Feed Plant

The Ultra-Modern Plant of 200 TPD Capacity at Khanna

This Feed Plant is coupled with inbuilt Silos connected through underground conveyor system for raw material storage. The touch less feed bag's pass on conveyor up to storage point and there's online live telecast facility during these operation for vigilance.

New ideas

Striving for New Ideas and Systems Improvement

AFI uses its global exposure, local understanding, and in-depth knowledge in Animal Nutrition & Productivity; to create innovative solutions through adjusting animal diets. AFI aims for achieving the highest yield & profits possible by providing holistic nutritional guidance & products.

Quality Feed Solutions for Dairy, Poultry & Swine

Quality Feed Solutions for Dairy

We pride ourselves on having the deepest knowledge across above 3 nutrition segments. We don't just sell feed, but work with farmers to give smart advice on different aspects of farm operations. When our team arrives at your door, they’re equipped with unrivaled biological modeling tools to tailor solutions that will help your animals or your animals perform better.

We deliver real benefits: better returns, healthier livestock and greater efficiency.

Quality Feed Solutions for Dairy