About AFI Cattle Feed

AFI Agro is renowned name in animal nutrition sector in India. Its complete range of products as per age life cycle in cattle feed are great success among farmer community. The farmers are getting optimum benefits with complete product range which is helpful in growth of their animals. All it is possible due to highest range of quality parameters at all stages maintained by AFI Agro with international standards with highly skilled man power.


AFI's Concept of Nutrition

AFI Agro has been involved in cattle feeding trials which have set out to determine the best way to feed cattle to produce top quality milk, and as a result of this work, AFI AGRO has introduced complete range of products from calf to cow & complete milking. In order for feed and production to be monitored accurately, cattle must be weighed on a regular basis. Recording and interpretation of data using the AFI Agro software, which is available to all AFI Producers, will lead to effective enterprise management.

Our Product Features

  • Boosts Milk Production & Composition (SNF)
  • Improves The Reproductive Efficiency
  • Support BCS in Early Part of Lactation
  • Increases Immunity Lever
  • Maintains Overall Health Status
  • Full Product Range for Profitable Dairy Business

Milking Range

Calf to Cow